University Calendar 2018–2019

Tuition Fees/Programme Fees (denoted in HK$)

Postgraduate Studies

1. PhD/MPhil

– part-time – self-funded $42,100/academic year
– full-time – UGC-funded $42,100/academic year
  – self-funded $84,200/academic year

2. Doctor of Business Administration

– part-time $590,000/programme

3. Doctor of Education

– full-time/part-time $264,000/programme

4. Master of Accountancy

– full-time/part-time – local students $168,300/programme
(plus $5,000/each required pre-core
– full-time – non-local students $210,000/programme
(plus $5,000/each required pre-core

5. MA in Chinese Literature, Language and Culture

– full-time/part-time $98,550/programme

6. MA in Communication

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

7. MA in Ethics and Public Affairs

– full-time/part-time $100,000/programme

8. MA in Global Society

– full-time $110,000/programme

9. MA in International Journalism Studies

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

10. MA in Language Studies

– full-time/part-time $92,000/programme

11. MA in Literary and Comparative Studies

– full-time/part-time $92,000/programme

12. MA in Music

– full-time/part-time – local students $96,600/programme
– full-time – non-local students $105,800/programme

13. MA in Producing for Film, Television and New Media

– full-time $120,000/programme

14. MA in Translation and Bilingual Communication

– full-time/part-time $105,000/programme

15. MA in Visual Arts

– full-time/part-time $100,000/programme

16. Master of Business Administration

– part-time $248,000/programme

17. Master of Chinese Medicine

– full-time/part-time $130,000/programme

18. Master of Education

– full-time/part-time $99,000/programme

19. MFA in Film, TV and Digital Media

– full-time $270,000/programme

20. Master of Human Resources Management

– part-time $138,000/programme

21. Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Chinese Medicine

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

22. Master of Public Administration

– full-time/part-time $125,000/programme

23. MSc in Advanced Information Systems

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

24. MSc in Analytical Chemistry

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

25. MSc in Applied Accounting and Finance

– full-time/part-time

– local students $155,000/programme
  – non-local students $180,000/programme

26. MSc in Applied Economics

– full-time $158,400/programme

27. MSc in Business Management

– full-time $238,000/programme

28. MSc in Corporate Governance and Compliance

– full-time/part-time $150,000/programme

29. MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing

– full-time €15,000/France semester
  $124,000/HK semester

30. MSc in Environmental and Public Health Management

– full-time/part-time $105,000/programme

31. MSc in Food Analysis and Food Safety Management

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

32. MSc in Global Marketing Management

– UK/EU students £6,325/UK semester
$119,000/HK semester
– international students £11,225/UK semester
$119,000/HK semester

33. MSc in Green Technology (Energy)

– full-time/part-time $110,000/programme

34. MSc in Information Technology Management

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

35. MSc in Mathematical Finance

– full-time $210,000/programme

36. MSc in Operational Research and Business Statistics

– full-time $150,000/programme

37. MSc in Personal Health Management (Chinese Medicine)

– full-time/part-time $124,000/programme

38. MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management

– part-time $186,000/programme

39. MSocSc (Contemporary China Studies)

– full-time/part-time $98,000/programme

40. MSocSc in Counselling

– full-time/part-time $93,000/programme
(plus $15,000 of practicum fee)

41. MSocSc in Media Management

– full-time/part-time $120,000/programme

42. MSocSc in Social Work

– full-time $113,000/programme
(plus $55,000 for two fieldwork placements)
– part-time $96,000/programme
(plus $55,000 for two fieldwork placements)

43. MSocSc in Sport and Leisure Management

– full-time/part-time $110,000/programme

44. Master of Social Work

– full-time/part-time $88,000/programme

45. PgD in Early Childhood Education

– full-time/part-time $65,000/programme

46. PgD in Education (Traditional/Subject Teaching and Subject Knowledge Stream)

– full-time/part-time – local students $42,100/programme
  – non-local students $120,000/programme

47. Extension fee for:
a) Part-time and full-time PhD/MPhil

– within maximum study period – UGC-funded $2,700/3 months
    $5,400/6 months
  – self-funded $5,250/3 months
    $10,525/6 months
– beyond maximum study period – UGC-funded $10,525/3 months
    $21,050/6 months
  – self-funded $21,050/3 months
    $42,100/6 months

b) UGC-funded taught postgraduate programmes

– for individual courses – local students $1,400/unit*
  – non-local students $3,800/unit*

c) Self-funded taught postgraduate programmes except d), e) and f) below

Fee per unit** = tuition fee/total no. of units

d) MA in Language Studies

– for project only $10,000/semester
– for individual courses Fee per unit**
= tuition fee/total no. of units

e) Doctor of Business Administration (from the 5th year onwards)


f) Doctor of Education

$11,000/3 months

* Also applicable to non-credit bearing courses.
** The extension fee derived will be rounded up to the nearest hundred dollars.

Tuition fees will be payable by two equal instalments (except for fees payable by trimester), normally before the start of the first and the second semester respectively.  Tuition fees are non-refundable after payment.  For those research postgraduate students who have submitted their theses and are waiting for the oral examination, they are still required to pay their tuition fees up to the date when the student has obtained his/her graduation status.

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