University Calendar 2022–2023

The Court

(Information as at 10 October 2022)

The Court consists of the following members:

  1. Chairman, appointed by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR
    Dr CHEN, Clement C J 陳鎮仁, GBS, JP
  2. Deputy Chairman, appointed by the Chief Executive
    Mr POON, Paul W Y 潘偉賢
  3. Treasurer, appointed by the Chief Executive
    Ms CHOI, Rosanna Y T 蔡懿德
  4. 8 members nominated by The Baptist Convention of Hong Kong and appointed by the Chancellor
    Ms HO, June C L 何進蘭
    Prof HO, Kin-chung 何建宗, BBS, JP
    Dr LAW, Louise Y S 羅懿舒
    Dr LEE, Kenneth S W 李小湖
    Mr LO Chi-cheung 羅志祥
    Mr POON, Hing-fai 潘慶輝, MH, JP
    Mr TAM, Yat-yuk 譚日旭
    Dr YU, Alex W Y 余惠賢
  5. The 5 members of Group (e) of the Council ex officio
    Mr CHAN, Abraham Y L 陳宇齡
    Prof LEE, David K Y 李家仁, BBS, MH, CStJ, JP
    Mr LIEM, Kevin C K 林子傑
    Mr PONG, Paulo K Y 龐建貽, JP
    Ms WONG, Sandy H Y 黃幸怡, JP
  6. 9 members nominated by the members appointed under Groups (a) to (e) above and appointed by the Council
    Dr HARILELA, Aron H 夏雅朗, BBS, JP
    Mr HUNG, Billy H C 孔慶全
    Ms LEE, Christina M 李美辰, JP
    Dr LEE, Simon H 李浩然, MH, JP
    Ms SUEN, Chloe Y W 孫燕華
    Mr WONG, Ivan S K 王紹基, JP
    Mr WONG, Sunny H K 王克勤
    Ms YEUNG, Jennifer Y C 楊燕芝
    Mr YEUNG, William C K 楊主光
  7. 3 members elected by the eligible staff of the University from among their number and appointed by the Council
    Dr TAN, Alfred K T 陳慶忠
    (two seats vacant)
  8. The President and Vice-Chancellor ex officio
    Prof WAI, Alexander 衞炳江, JP
  9. The Vice-Presidents ex officio
    Dr CHAU, Albert W L 周偉立 (Vice-President (Teaching and Learning))
    Ms CHOW, Christine O W 鄒靄雲 (Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary)
    Prof WONG, Rick W K 黃偉國 (Interim Provost cum Acting Vice-President (Research and Development))
  10. The Dean of each Faculty or School ex officio
    Prof CHRISTIE, Stuart (Acting Dean of Arts)
    Prof CHUNG, Ronald C K 鍾志杰 (Dean of Continuing Education)
    Prof GUO, Steve Z S 郭中實 (Interim Dean of Communication)
    Prof LAI, Daniel W L 黎永亮 (Dean of Social Sciences)
    Prof LIU, Jiming 劉際明 (Dean of Science)
    Prof LYU, Aiping 呂愛平 (Dean of Chinese Medicine)
    Prof POON, Johnny M L 潘明倫 (Interim Dean of Creative Arts)
    Prof SNAPE, Edward 施立培 (Dean of Business)
  11. The President for the time being of the University’s Students’ Union ex officio
    Mr KWOK, Long-fung 郭朗峰 (Acting)
  12. The President of the Hong Kong Baptist University Alumni Association ex officio
    Mr SIU, Tyrone T L 蕭泰崙
  13. Honorary members appointed by the Council
    Mr CHAN, Anthony K H 陳國雄
    Mr CHAN, Antonio H T 陳亨達
    Dr CHAN, Ian Y N 陳幼南, SBS, MH
    Ms CHAN, May S M 陳淑薇, SBS, JP
    Ms CHEN, Diana N 陳寧寧, BBS, JP
    Mr CHEUNG, Kenneth K 張琦
    Mr CHIN, Barry C Y 錢志庸
    Mr CHOI, Wilkie W K 蔡永璣
    Mr CHONG, Vincent T B 鍾道文
    Mr CHOW, Daniel W S 周偉成
    Ms CHOW, Portia B Y 周碧淵
    Mr FONG, David M H 方文雄, BBS, JP
    Mr HAN, Joseph P 韓兵
    Mr HO, David C H 何志豪, BBS, JP
    Dr HO, Vincent W F 何緯豐
    Mr HUI, John K Y 許建業
    Mr HUI, Michael W K 許華傑, BBS, MH, JP
    Mr HUNG, Kwong-yee 洪光椅
    Mr IP, Francis K 葉鈞
    Mr KEI, Hoi-pang 紀海鵬
    Mr KUNG, Leo L C 孔令成, GBS, JP
    Mr KWOK, Raymond K S 郭家聲
    Dr LAM, Colin K Y 林高演, SBS
    Dr LAM, Tai-fai 林大輝, GBS, JP
    Mr LAM, Wade Y L 林宜龍
    Mr LAU, Christopher K 劉堃
    Mr LAU, George K K 樓家強, BBS, MH, JP
    Mr LAW, Francis S F 羅守輝
    Dr LEE, Christina O P 李愛平, MH
    Dr LEE, John S Y 李三元, BBS
    Mr LEE, Shing-put 李聖潑, BBS
    Ir Dr LEUNG, Frank Y C 梁日昌
    Dr LI, Eddy S H 李秀恒, GBS, JP
    Dr LI, Eric K C 李家祥, GBS, OBE, JP
    Mr LI, Laurence L J 李律仁, SC, JP
    Mr LIANG, Thomas C B 梁祥彪
    Mr LIU, Brandon T C 劉鐵成, JP
    Dr LIU, Chak-wan 廖澤雲, GLM
    Mr LIU, Jimmy T M 劉紀明
    Mr LO, Roy W K 盧華基
    Dr LO, Tai-chin 羅台秦, MH
    Prof LO, Yuk-lam 盧毓琳, BBS
    Dr LUI, Matthew Y C 呂宇俊
    Dr MA, Hoffman H M 馬浩文, BBS
    Dr MAK, Kim K W 麥建華, BBS, JP
    Mrs MAK, Vivian W M 麥鄧蕙敏
    Mr MOK, Jason C S 莫振聲
    Dr NG, Bo-kwong 吳保光
    Ms NGAI, Pauline C F 魏昭鳳
    Mr NGAN, Roger C W 顏志永
    Dr POON, Patrick S C 潘燊昌, SBS
    Mr SHANG, Dickson T Y 尚達人
    Mr SIU, Tyrone T L 蕭泰崙
    Dr SUEN, Simon S M 孫少文, BBS, JP
    Mr SZE, Irons 施榮懷, BBS, JP
    Dr TAN, Henry 陳亨利, BBS, JP
    Mr TANG, Alfred K C 鄧貴彰
    Mr TONG, Henry S C 湯修齊, MH, JP
    Dr TONG, Jacinto M L 湯文亮
    Ms TONG, Jacqueline C L 湯振玲
    Mr TSAI, Philip W C 蔡永忠, BBS, JP
    Prof TSIEN, James S 錢乃駿
    Ms TSUI, Eileen L 徐莉, BBS, JP
    Mr WANG, Lu-yen 王祿誾
    Ms WONG, Alice S Y 黃雪英
    Ms WONG, Alvina Y K 黃漪鈞
    Mr WONG, Augustine H M 黃浩明, JP
    Ms WONG, Connie W C 王惠貞, GBS, JP
    Dato’ Dr WONG, K K 黃烱強
    Mr WONG, Sunny H K 王克勤
    Mr WU, Bernard T L 吳德龍
    Mr WU, Jason S H 伍尚匡
    Dr YEUNG, Anthony C W 楊俊偉
    Mr YEUNG, Peter K H 楊港興, BBS, JP
    Mr YIM, Simon S W 閻小穎
    Ms YU, Grace H W 余皓媛
    Mr YU, Pang-chun 余鵬春, GBS, JP
    Ms ZHU, Nancie 朱梓橦
Court Secretary: Ms CHOW, Christine O W 鄒靄雲
Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary


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