University Calendar 2022–2023

Other Fees (denoted in HK$)

Supplementary Language Course Fees/Deposit

1. Chinese and English $400
2. Putonghua $600

Application Fees

1. Undergraduate programmes 
  - local students $450
  - non-local students $450
2. Postgraduate programmes 
  - local students $450
  - non-local students $450
3. Sub-degree programmes $300

For HKBU award sub-degree programmes offered by SCE and CIE:

Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programmes
  - local students $150
  - non-local students $300

Administrative Fees

1. Study abroad programmes 10% of tuition fee
2. International students (other than study abroad programmes) 10% of tuition fee
3. Exchange students (excluding student visa and courier fee)  $1,200
4. Credit card payments by payment amount
a) $1–$10,000
b) $10,001–$20,000
c) $20,001–$30,000
d) $30,001–$40,000
e) $40,001–$50,000
f) $50,001–$60,000
g) $60,001–$70,000
h) $70,001–$80,000
i) $80,001–$90,000
j) $90,001–$100,000

5. Telegraphic transfer payments $300
6. Student visa and courier fee $600
7. Refund of admission confirmation fee
  a) Taught postgraduate, Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate  $5,000
  b) Research postgraduate $5,000
8. Reinstatement fee for student status $400


A deposit of $300 for postgraduate and undergraduate students will be payable by a student on first registration and will be refunded only when a student has completed at least one academic year and withdraws officially or graduates from the University, less deduction, if any, made by the University for outstanding debts (e.g. library book fines, late charges) not previously settled. However, there will be no refund for students who fail to complete the procedures for official withdrawal before the deadline set by the University. Special part-time undergraduate students will also be required to pay a deposit of $300 on registration. The full amount of deposit or the balance left after making any deduction as appropriate will be refunded only when the student has completed the units for which he/she has enrolled. If a student leaves the University before the completion of the unit(s) enrolled, no refund will be made.

Graduation Fee (exclusive of regalia rental)

A graduation fee of $300 for postgraduate and undergraduate students will be payable on approval for graduation. Please note that this fee applies whether or not graduates plan to attend the Commencement ceremony and it is in addition to the regalia rental fee. In accordance with the practice of the University, the full amount or the balance of the deposit paid on first registration will be used to set off against the graduation fee. Where the balance is insufficient to set off against the entire $300, a student must pay the difference before the official diploma would be issued.

Testimonial Fees

1. Normal issuance of testimonial $50/copy
2. Testimonial for loss of diploma (for undergraduate programmes only)  $120/copy
3. Courier service for overseas delivery of a testimonial (for postgraduate programmes only) 
  a) PRC, Macau and Taiwan $250/delivery
  b) Rest of the world $400/delivery

Transcript Fees

1. A transcript fee of $70 per copy will be payable upon application for the issuance of an official transcript and will not be refunded.
2. The fee for a transcript (student copy) is $50 per copy.
3. Courier service for overseas delivery of a transcript (for postgraduate programmes only)
  a) PRC, Macau and Taiwan $250/delivery
  b) Rest of the world $400/delivery

Continuation Fee

1. Research postgraduate students $650
2. Undergraduate students $300/semester

Examination Fees

1. Examination fee for research postgraduate degree examination $2,000
2. Invigilation fee $250/hour

Transaction Fees

1. Appeal against academic decision $200
2. Certification service $50/copy
3. Certification of tuition fee payments $50
4. Xeroxing service $5/page

Replacement Charge

1. Student card $100
2. Parking permit $120
3. Electronic tag/card for campus parking $240
4. Electronic key card for Learning Commons/Student Amenities $150
5. Issuance of replacement diploma $600

Late Charges

Charges will be levied on and will be payable by students upon being given approval to complete certain University required procedures after the stipulated deadlines:

  1. For delay of tuition fee payment:
    A student who has not paid the required tuition fees by the due date, or by a later date for which the permission of the Director of Finance has been obtained in advance, will be charged a penalty of $300. Thereafter, the student will be considered as unofficially withdrawn and must obtain the permission from the Academic Registrar/Dean of Graduate School or designate for re-admission. All applications for deferred payment from Undergraduate students should be made online before the due date shown on the tuition fee debit note. Postgraduate students who wish to apply for the deferral of tuition fee payments should complete the paper application form and submit to Graduate School at least 7 working days prior to the payment due date.
  2. For late return of borrowed items from the Library:
    A student who returns borrowed items after their due date for return will have to pay a fine in accordance with the Library Regulations in force.
  3. For late completion of official withdrawal:
    A penalty will be charged to and payable upon approval for a student who completes the official withdrawal after leaving the University:
    a) For one month to one year $200
    b) For more than one year $400
  4. For late return of materials borrowed from Language Learning Oasis:
    a) Overdue fine for 1 to 6 days $1/day
    b) Overdue fine for 7 to 37 days* $3/day
    c) Overdue fine for over 37 days** $99 plus full replacement
    costs of borrowed materials

* Including fines of $1/day for the first 6 days, thereafter $3/day.
** If the borrowed material is overdue by more than 37 days, it is assumed to be lost. The fine will include the overdue fine of $99 for 37 days plus the full replacement costs of the borrowed material.


1. Opening locker $20
2. Loss of tuition pay-in slip $20
3. Late penalty charge for rejected or delayed payment by bank auto-pay $100
4. Unclamping charge for vehicle impounded 
  a) Unclamping charge $320
  b) Storage charge (after the first day) $320/day

Locker Fees

1. Rental for steel locker 
  a) 65 cm × 42.6 cm × 28 cm $50/year
  b) 90 cm × 51.5 cm × 30 cm $50/year
2. Penalty for not returning locker/illegal occupancy $100

Medical and Student Dental Service

  1. A fee of $20 per visit will be payable by students who go to the Health Services Centre for treatment.
  2. An annual dental fee of $145 will be payable by full-time students who wish to enjoy the basic dental services from 1 September to 31 August of the following year.

Campus Parking Fees

1. Type I
(for full-time students with proven physical disability that requires him/her to drive to the campus)
  a) Period of 1 September to 31 August $1,200
  b) Fees on pro-rata full month basis Note
  Note: A new hirer may pay parking fee during an academic year on a pro-rata full month basis, counting from the month of accepting the parking permit to 31 August each year.
2. Type III $150/month
  (for part-time evening undergraduate/postgraduate students of the University or part-time evening students of other courses/programmes from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on weekdays and during the opening hours of the carparks on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
3. Additional electronic tag/card for campus parking $240
4. Additional holder of electronic tag/card $36

Access to Personal Data

1. Administration fee $150/request
2. Photocopying fee $5/page

Administration Fee for Usage of University Sports Facilities

1. Application fee/deposit for fitness room certificate
(refundable if applicant collects certificate within 1 month of issuance)
2. Loss of locker key $50/locker

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