University Calendar 2017–2018

The Senate

The Senate consists of the following members:

  1. Ex officio Members

    President and Vice-Chancellor
    Prof CHIN, Roland T 錢大康
    Provost (Deputy Chairman) Prof MACKENZIE, Clayton G 麥建成
    Academic Registrar (Secretary) Prof WONG, Ricky N S 黃岳順
    Vice-President (Administration) and
    Mr LEE, Andy S C 李兆銓
    Vice-President (Research and
    Prof WONG, Rick W K 黃偉國
    Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) Dr CHAU, Albert W L 周偉立
    Associate Vice-Presidents Prof BIAN, Zhao Xiang 卞兆祥
    Prof HUANG, Yu 黃煜
    Prof LIU, Jiming 劉際明
    Prof WONG, Ricky N S 黃岳順
    Mr YEUNG, C K 楊志剛
    Faculty of Arts Prof POON, Johnny M L 潘明倫 (Acting)
    School of Business Prof SNAPE, Edward 施立培
    School of Chinese Medicine Prof LYU, Aiping 呂愛平
    School of Communication Prof HUANG, Yu 黃煜
    Faculty of Science Prof ZHANG, Jianhua 張建華
    Faculty of Social Sciences Prof BAILEY, Adrian 貝力行
    (on sabbatical leave from 15 July 2017 to 14 January 2018)

    Prof SIVAN, Atara 蘇秀冠 (Acting)
    (from 15 July 2017 to 14 January 2018)
    School of Continuing Education

    Dr TSANG, Lawrence S K 曾瑞強 (Acting)

    Academy of Visual Arts Prof NIXON, Louis
    (with effect from 1 January 2018)

    Mr BENZ, Peter (Acting)
    (from 4 September to 31 December

    Graduate School
    [Concurrently held by Vice-President
    (Research and Development)]
    Prof WONG, Rick W K 黃偉國
    Head of each academic department or equivalent body*
    Chinese Language and Literature Prof ZHANG, Hongsheng 張宏生
    English Language and Literature Prof CHRISTIE, Stuart
    Humanities and Creative Writing Prof ERNI, John N 陳錦榮
    (on sabbatical leave from 15 July 2017 to 14 January 2018)

    Dr LEE, Amy W S 李慧心 (Acting)
    (from 15 July 2017 to 14 January 2018)
    Language Centre Dr LI, Cissy Y X 李贏西
    Music Dr WINZENBURG, John 文盛伯 (Acting)
    Religion and Philosophy Prof KWAN, Kai Man 關啟文
    Translation Programme Dr NEATHER, Robert John 倪若誠
    Accountancy and Law Dr CHAN, Raymond S Y 陳兆陽
    Economics Dr CHENG, Yuk Shing 鄭毓盛
    Finance and Decision Sciences Prof STOURAITIS, Aristotelis
    Management Prof HUANG, Xu 黃旭
    Marketing Dr FOCK, Henry K Y 霍廣賢
    Chinese Medicine Prof LI, Min 李敏
    Film Prof MAN, Eva K W 文潔華
    Communication Studies Prof HUNG, Kineta H 孔慶勤
    Journalism Prof LEE, Alice Y L 李月蓮
    (on sabbatical leave from 15 January 2018 to 14 July 2018)
    Biology Prof XIA, Yiji 夏亦荠
    Chemistry Dr SHIU, Kwok Keung 邵國強 (Acting)
    Computer Science Dr CHEUNG, William K W 張國威
    Mathematics Prof NG, Kwok Po 吳國寶
    Physics Prof VAN HOVE, Michel
    Education Studies Prof SIVAN, Atara 蘇秀冠

    Prof TAM, Vicky C W 譚肖芸 (Acting)
    (from 15 July 2017 to 14 January 2018)
    Geography Prof WANG, Donggen 王冬根
    Government and International Studies Prof CABESTAN, Jean-Pierre 高敬文
    History Prof HO, Clara Wing-chung 劉詠聰
    Physical Education Prof CHUNG, Pak-Kwong 鍾伯光
    Social Work Prof NG, Petrus Y N 吳日嵐
    Sociology Prof LAI, Gina W F 賴蘊寬
    Early Childhood and Elementary
    Dr LEE, Amelia N Y 李南玉
    College of International Education Dr TSANG, Lawrence S K 曾瑞強 (Acting)
    Chaplain Rev Dr IP, King Tak 葉敬德
    University Librarian Mr CRILLY, Kendall
    Director of Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning Dr WONG, Eva Y W 王周綺華
    Director of General Education Prof HOSHMAND, A Reza 賀書孟
    Director of Information Technology Ms LAU, Jennifer S Y 劉嬋儀
    Director of Student Affairs Prof TANG, Gordon Y N 鄧裕南
    President of the Students’ Union Mr LAU, Tsz Kei 劉子頎
    President of the Postgraduate Association To be announced
  2. Academic Staff Members Elected by and from their Respective Faculty/School Boards or equivalent body, and the Board of Academy of Visual Arts

    Faculty of Arts
    English Language and Literature Dr WAKEFIELD, John 莊域飛
    Language Centre Mr GARDNER, David
    Translation Programme Prof LIU, Min-hua 劉敏華
    School of Business
    Accountancy and Law Dr LAU, Peter T Y 劉子耀
    Economics Dr NG, Ying Chu 伍凝珠
    Management Dr YIP, Felix W K 葉偉光
    School of Chinese Medicine
    Teaching and Research Division Prof ZHAO, Zhongzhen 趙中振
    School of Communication
    Academy of Film Mr MAN, Shu Sum 文樹森
    Journalism Dr GEORGE, Cherian
    Faculty of Science
    Biology Dr WONG, Hoi Fung Roger 王凱峰
    Chemistry Dr LEUNG, Ken C F 梁湛輝
    Mathematics Prof LIAO, Lizhi 廖立志
    Faculty of Social Sciences
    Government and International Studies Dr WONG, Wai Kwok 黃偉國
    History Dr DIETZ, Bettina 狄天霞
    History Dr WONG, Man Kong 黃文江
    Academy of Visual Arts Dr LEUNG, Mee Ping 梁美萍
    School of Continuing Education
    College of International Education Dr LAM, Danny F Y 林非恩
  3. Student Members Elected by the Undergraduate Students
    Faculty of Arts Mr AU, Hon Him 歐瀚謙
    School of Business Mr HO, Ho Yin 何浩賢
    School of Chinese Medicine Miss TANG, Lai Man 鄧麗雯
    School of Communication Miss WONG, Tsz Kiu 黃芷橋
    Faculty of Science Mr LIU, Wai Lim 廖偉濂
    Faculty of Social Sciences Mr LEE, Shing Hin 李承軒
    Academy of Visual Arts Miss TANG, Hiu Ki 鄧曉琪
    School of Continuing Education To be announced 
  4. Student Members Elected by the Postgraduate Students
    Research Postgraduate Student Mr YIP, Kwan Chung 葉鈞頌
    Taught Postgraduate Student To be announced 
  5. Up to Five Staff Members Co-opted by the Senate
    Mr LAU, C K 劉志權
    Prof MAK, Nai Ki 麥乃岐
    Prof YUNG, Ken K L 翁建霖
  6. Observer
    Vice-President (Academic) of United International College (or designate)

* Referring to the Translation Programme, Chinese Medicine Teaching and Research Division, Early Childhood and Elementary Education Division, Academy of Film, and College of International Education.

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